Parking Boss updates
Parking Boss updates

Browser Support Update





As of Jan 16, Parking Boss no longer supports a number of older browsers. This was done for security and performance reasons and all of these browsers are no longer recommended for use. For example, Microsoft has recommended against using IE 11 for at least the past year.

For a full list of our system requirements and browser support policy, please see:

Manager Button in Field Agent





If you're a "Full Access" who can use both Manager and Field Agent apps, we've made it easier to switch between them. Field Agent now includes a menu item for "Manager", simply click/tap on it to switch back into Manager view at any time.

Recording Violations





Starting today, new violations may only be recorded in your Field Agent app. With this change, we're fully separating Field Agent as the in-the-field enforcement app and Manager as the "back-office" management app. Field Agent does a great job of making the enforcement view simple, fast, and clear, along with a number of extra features for transparency, such as logging the coordinates of where violations occur.

We have big plans for our enforcement tools in 2020 and this sets the groundwork for them!

Updated Reports





We've rolled out a new version of our Reports App to add something that's been long-requested: Sorting! We also took the time to rework it so it's even faster to load and use.

Note: this update doesn't support Internet Explorer - please see our System Requirements at for more info.

Revoking Special Permits & Notifications





We identified a scenario where if you revoked a Special Permit but set the new expiration time in the future (instead of revoking immediately), the automatic email or text message notifications weren't being sent 15 minutes before the new expiration. We're updated the system and these will now be sent in the future.

Field Agent Button in Manager





We've added a "Field Agent" item to the Manager navigation menu - this lets you jump quickly from managing your location to the enforcement view. In January, Field Agent will be the only way to record violations, so we want to make switching over as easy as possible!

Revoke Special Permits





Managers can now revoke Special Permits in addition to Assigned Permits (e.g. Smart Decals). Self-registered guest/paid permits still cannot be revoked, though.

Login Account Dashboard





When you log in to Parking Boss, you now always get your account dashboard with list of locations and user options (change password, etc). Previously, you might be taken directly into the Manager or Field Agent apps if you were a user of only one location.

We think you'll find it easier to see your account and app options.

As always, please let us know if you have questions or need help at [email protected]

Special Permits for Spaces





If you have defined spaces in your account (e.g. 101, OPEN, GUEST, GARAGE, etc), you've probably seen the space field when assigning Smart Decals.

Starting today, you can also set a space when creating Special Permits. This means you can put a vehicle on the safelist for parking in other spots than just guest parking. If you don't set a space, it will default to the one in your normal guest policy.

If you have any questions, please let us know and we'll be happy to help!

Browser Support Updates





As part of our never-ending work to make Parking Boss faster, easier, and better, from time to time we update our supported browsers.

On January 1, 2020, Parking Boss will no longer work on Internet Explorer (IE). IE 11, the newest Internet Explorer, was released in 2013 and is woefully out of date when it comes to making modern apps possible.

For our latest system requirements, including a list of supported browsers, please see: